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Are YOU in the driver's seat?

Our Ultimate Planning Workshop

Join us for a 2-day transformational retreat
24th & 25th of November 2015
Perricoota Vines Retreat, Echuca Moama

Our Ultimate Planning Workshop

Next Melbourne date
Join us in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD to get set for 2016!
7th & 8th of December 2015

“Everyone needs to do this!!! It was incredible. I have recharged my life and direction and am ready to go!"

-Katie Flockart, Director, MiNC Events


Take Charge and Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat

We’re living full and busy lives, yet many of us feel a real lack of purpose and drive with no time to take charge and change things for the better. And although we’re more socially connected than ever, we still crave more meaningful and fulfilling engagement.

Our Driving Your Life program cuts through the constant chatter of our modern and overhyped world to provide clarity for your career and your personal contentment.

Whether it’s our 2-day Ultimate Planning Workshop, our one-on-one coaching program or our customised programs for organisations, Driving Your Life will challenge and support you to reflect, review, reshape and recharge.

Your Route to Personal and Professional Success

Our DYL program:  

uses planning processes, models, maps and conversation frameworks to put a stop to the hectic, busyness of life and start the work that really matters.

provides you with the tools to find the headspace and focus required to dream, create, plan, develop a roadmap, make decisions and take action for your future.

utilises the Strength Deployment Inventory, a powerful yet simple approach that helps individuals and teams develop the awareness and skills required to build more effective personal and professional relationships.
works with you to understand and leverage your strengths to overcome the blockers and barriers that get in your way and equip you to be the best version of yourself, both personally and professionally.

Driving Your Life is all about you! It’s for people like you who want to connect with their passions and purpose, set their own direction, focus on what’s important in life and take action for their personal and professional success.

Driving Your Life is for anyone looking to make and change and take control of their career and/or lives! Men & Women. Any Age. Any Sector.We’ve had a range of people in our programs at different stages of their career and life including: corporate lawyers, public relations consultants, public servants from a range of departments, General Practitioners, customer service staff, project managers, not-for-profit staff, accountants, small business owners, PhD students and marketing consultants.

Driving Your Life has helped people in the public, private and not-for profit sectors who want to be more effective in their current career, build confidence and leverage their strengths; people who are considering a change of career; people starting to plan for retirement; women on maternity leave planning wanting to re-enter the workforce; and people who are on redeployment or who have been made redundant who are considering their options.

No matter what situation you’re facing in your career or life, Driving Your Life provides you with the tools and support to succeed.

Join experienced leadership development facilitators, Louise Thomson and Cynthia Mahoney, who will be your “co-drivers” on your journey. We’ll provide you with valuable tools that you can continue to use after the program as well as practical activities and support to get you on track and in control.

Driving Your Life


- Completion of an on-line profile tool to understand your strengths and develop strategies to improve your personal effectiveness in relationships, particularly in conflict.

- A copy of the popular book, “Do More Great Work – Stop the busywork and do the work that matters” by Michael Bungay Stanier.

- Food and Refreshments throughout the two days.

- A workbook, including your new roadmap, which hosts a series of activities which we commence during the program.

- Meet and network with a group of like-minded people.



24th & 25th November 2015 for our Echuca retreat or

7th & 8th of December for our Melbourne CBD program


9am – 5pm (both days)


Early Bird – (GST incl.)

Corporate and government: $1,320 (per person)

Individual & not-for-profit: $880 (per person)

Full Price (GST incl.):

Corporate and government: $1,650 (per person)

Individual & not-for-profit: $1,100 (per person)

Unlock your strengths and improve relationships using our Strength Deployment Inventory

Expand your network in a fun and supportive environment!

Develop a roadmap for your personal and professional success!

What our past participants say


“Running a successful small business in Melbourne I took two days out to reflect on business. I concluded during the workshop that it was the ‘small stuff’ in my company that was consuming my time and energy; I realised that I had to empower my team of talented staff to do it their way to arrive at the same destination.I now have a better attitude and I’ve made some tough calls in the business which was action I committed to at the workshop.” Nathan Edwards, Managing Director, Macutex


“Everyone needs to do this!!! It was incredible. I have recharged my life and direction and am ready to go!” Katie Flockart, Director, MiNC Events


“Since doing Driving Your Life, I’ve made big changes at work. I’ve initiated new projects and am collaborating with a wider range of people. I want to take on a leadership role.“ Ashley Rogers, Regional Landcare Facilitator, North Central Catchment Management Authority


“A vibrant program that supplies a bag of tools to help you see more clearly who you are and to put your feet on your chosen path – sometimes we need encouragement and guidance to start.” Elizabeth Patterson, Manager Policy and Strategy, Land Management Policy Division, Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning

Key questions and answers

This program is for you if :

  • You know you have more to offer and want to better leverage your strengths for personal and professional success.
  • You require greater self-awareness and want to develop strategies to adapt and improve your effectiveness.
  • You find yourself at a crossroad and you’re seeking better balance in life or a way to explore a clearer direction.
  • You’re searching for that elusive balance between honouring both your career and your passion.
  • You’re a high performer wanting to equip yourself with new knowledge and tools to rise to the next level.

Attention Employers!

  • Do you feel your organisation could benefit from tapping into all the strengths and potential of its people?
  • Do you have high performers in your organisation who are keen to develop further and whom you’d like to proactively support in their career journey?
  • Are some of your team feeling overwhelmed by constant change and could do with some practical strategies to help them take back control?

Driving Your Life is the perfect program for your staff to improve their productivity and personal effectiveness.

It provides tools to improve organisational performance, employee engagement, retention and your bottom line by fully utilising the strengths and potential of your people.

It’s the ideal opportunity to engage your staff in professional and personal development so they can hit the ground running in 2016 – focussed and energised!

You can send staff to our Ultimate Planning Workshop retreat in Moama in November or to our Melbourne CBD program in December.

Or talk to us about our one-on-one coachingor mentoring programs.

Alternatively you might want us to develop a customised program for your organisation or team to develop happier, higher performing people.

We’ve already delivered outstanding results and created positive and productive change for people in the early, mid and late stages of their careers in all sorts of organisations from the public service, healthcare sector, small business, not-for-profit sector and multinational corporations.


About the facilitators

Louise Thomson

Louise Thomson

With over 20 years navigating NAB’s corporate ladder, bending gender rules, locating the ‘man hole’ in the glass ceiling, Louise’s experiences provide great stories, advice and discussion subjects for people aspiring in their career.

Louise also committed 20 years to her local community and later her country volunteering her time and skills encouraging people to do great work in their community by helping then develop their leadership, public speaking, project management and time management skills.

A qualified trainer and coach, Louise has designed and delivered learning opportunities for companies, not-for-profits, government sectors and individuals.

Cynthia Mahoney

Cynthia Mahoney

Cynthia knows what it’s like to make the leap from having a really “good” career as part of the 9 to 5 brigade (but feeling she was not reaching her full potential), to building a successful facilitation and leadership consultancy that does truly “great” work.

Through her business, Cynthia has created a way to combine her entrepreneurial spirit with her passion for developing people to be their best and her skills and talent in facilitation.

Her journey of self-discovery, along with her empathy, authenticity, and commitment to courage, growth and self-leadership, enable her to help people, teams and organisations make positive change and achieve professional and personal success.

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